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John Cheeks Submits  Substance Testing of Top Elected Officials Initiative 2016 to District of Columbia Board of Elections July 2, 2015



PASS is comprised of legal and legislative professionals, students, organizations and citizens having the common
goal of assuring elected officials and high level appointed officials are able to effectively carryout their public duties. 
This includes, but not limited to assuring the officials are not addicted,  abusing  or using mind altering substances, 
which interfere in fulfilling their public duties and rational decisions .

  PASS researches, analyses and publishes freely to all, relevant information including world enacted and
 proposed legislation, relevant statistics;  materials for broadcasting,  social media and  printed materials
to assist in reaching this goal, primarily in the United States of America. The primary PASS action is to place on ballots
referendums that the elected officials need to pass substance abuse tests in order to seek or hold elective office,
 and to convince current city and state legislators to pass laws to this effect.

PASS is being organized because of known and highly suspected use of illegal drugs by some of Washington, DC
elected and appointed officials.

Organizational Structure      

PASS is a private corporation, incorporated in Washington DC  in 2015. Headquarters are in Washington, DC 
PASS leadership seeks to establish Chapters, throughout the United States, offering memberships to those
 who wish to join or support PASS team efforts. Funds raised from memberships, will be used to support the goals
and administration of PASS.

PASS is managed by an initial Board of Directors, and top level executives: President, Executive Vice President,
Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer and others.  Recruitment for some of these unfilled positions are ongoing. 

PLEASE NOTE, Join us.    Board of Directors and other volunteer positions currently available.
Email   PASSFORUSAMAIL@gmail.com  Subject: BOD or Volunteer Positions
 Join the team ---  improving governments

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